Gunn-Rita signs with Lake cycling shoes

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is unparalleled. For over 20 years she has been a part of mountain bikings world elite, and the queen of MTB is hungry for more! After the demise of the Multivan Merida Team at the end of the 2016 season Gunn-Rita has been working to continue cycling at the highest level. The Norwegian Lake and Merida distributor, Stians Sport AS, were quickly in contact. Together with Merida and Stians Sport AS, Gunn-Rita has formed a Norwegian UCI team for the next two seasons. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is completely unique: she began cycling for Stians Sport AS / Merida in 2002, and has been with the Multivan Merida Bike Team from the beginning. Throughout her 20 year career Gunn-Rita has won 10 World championship titles, 8 European championships, and 29 world cup races. She is the most successful World Cup mountain biker of all time.

Managing her own team

For the upcoming two seasons she will ride for her own team: Team Merida Gunn-Rita. Gunn-Rita will own and run the team in co-operation with Stians Sport AS, Merida and the Norwegian National Team. In 2001 Kenneth Flesjå took over as Gunn-Rita’s full-time coach and training partner, and will continue under Team Merida Gunn-Rita. The team will be based in Norway.

Partnership with Lake

Lake has been making innovative cycling shoes for 35 years and are praised for their fit, comfort and performance. Lake make shoes for every type of cyclist, from beginner to professional, Lake has great fitting shoes for all skill levels. For the coming season Gunn-Rita joins the Lake family, riding in Lake shoes for both MTB and road cycling. Gunn-Rita’s extensive experience from UCI Word Cup racing will be very valuable for Lake, and for the next two seasons they will work together on the R&D of future shoe models.

”I am very happy about my new partnership with Lake. I wish to pursue top level cycling for another 2 years and joining the Lake family has been an important part of making this possible. Kenneth and I are really committed and nothing will come in the way of winning bike races. My winter training has so far gone as planned. We have made changes on the training front that feel right. The shoes from Lake look really good and I am looking forward to working with them for the next two seasons.”

About Lake Cycling

Founded in Evanston, Illinois in 1982, Lake is a brand with a industrious history. Having created the industry’s first foam insole, first wicking liner, first mountain bike specific shoe, first winter cycling boot, first cyclocross specific shoe and the first custom moldable carbon sole, molding the foundation of the cycling shoe industry as we know it today. Lake's mission is to create premium cycling shoes that are innovative, made with the highest quality materials, and superior comfort, while maintaining cutting edge technology.

This is Gunn-Rita!

Gunn-Rita has been a professional mountain biker since the autumn of 1995. She is one of Norways most successful athletes regardless of sport.

Throughout her 20 year long career she has been crowned mountain biking’s most winning cyclist. She has won 28 international championship medals for Norway.

Gunn-Rita has been one the pioneers of women’s mountain biking both nationally and internationally. She has shaped the sport and Multivan Merida to what it is today. After her debut World Cup in 1995 it was clear this wasn’t the last we’d hear about the charismatic mountain biker from Bjørnheimsbygd in Strand, Norway.