I love championships

On Sunday we have the European Championship XCO in Italy I feel good and healthy and well prepared. A great Norwegian Team with strong juniors and U-23 men that will show the norwegian colors with pride.

This year European Championship take place in Darfo Boario Terme, north of Italy. A beautifull area that I would love to see more of (next holidays!!!). Being a cyclist in Italy is always great, so we are enjoying top hospitality and Italien Cuisine in a nice family hotel close to the course / venue (Hotel Sorriso).

It is and will always be special for me to do championships, wearing the flag- jersey and representing Norway. Doing this together with a group of young riders, that works hard, have the right spirit, are motivated and well prepared, is a big bonus in many ways. I think we will see some of our guys in the front both tomorrow (juniors) and on Sunday (U-23).


For many years we did not have the kind of sethup that we have today in the national team. I`m proud of what we are representing today as a team. It is great to experience this now in the end of a long carrie and I can see a bright future. There will be some strong Norwegian mountainbikers out there for many more years. The every day fun and joy is important when you prepare for such a big event and that is just what we have in the Norwegian Team today.

We arrived here Monday night after some nice days back home with the family. I even experienced a few days with summer at home and that felt good. Coming home after 5 weeks on the road riding the local trails, is just great. Getting some colors on my legs, is kind of magic…looks almost young and fit again

We had enough days here to get a long travel out of the legs and also to get to know the course well. It is a though course with steep climbs both up and down, and very technical. Many drops, roots and big rocks. Most everything is natural, just one built drop in a downhillsection, besides a little pump-track just before the finish line.

I think the organization did a great job here taking over this championship in the last moment. There has been quite a lot of bad crashes and I don`t like that. Some adjustments are done in the course, so the races, both on Saturday and Sunday, will be spectacular for sure. With so many drops and steep section, I will be racing my Merida Big Nine with a KS dropperpost. More safe and much smoother with a dropperpost in this kind of course.

Team Norway is ready and I`m very excited to follow the young guys giving their best.

Keep riding and have fun

Greetings from Gunn-Rita



Oppkjøring ny sesong – siste sesong som profesjonell

En bra utstyrt sykkel er viktig når en går vintermånedene i møte her hjemme. Bra lys, heldekkende skjermer, solid utstyr og ramme. Gore-Tex klær er et MUST. Vi har startet oppkjøring til ny sesong og det blir min siste som profesjonell rundebanesyklist.

Spennende møte med landevegen

En fantastisk uke i Spania med landevegssykkelen og sykkellandslaget. 10 år uten konkurranse på landevegen er lenge, så det var en spent Gunn-Rita som stilte til start i Setmana Ciclista Valenciana sammen med de norske damene.

Gunn-Rita signs with Lake cycling shoes

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is unparalleled. For over 20 years she has been a part of mountain bikings world elite, and the queen of MTB is hungry for more! After the demise of the Multivan Merida Team at the end of the 2016 season Gunn-Rita has been working to continue cycling at the highest level. The Norwegian Lake and Merida distributor, Stians Sport AS, were quickly in contact. Together with Merida and Stians Sport AS, Gunn-Rita has formed a Norwegian UCI team for the next two seasons. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is completely unique: she began cycling for Stians Sport AS / Merida in 2002, and has been with the Multivan Merida Bike Team from the beginning. Throughout her 20 year career Gunn-Rita has won 10 World championship titles, 8 European championships, and 29 world cup races. She is the most successful World Cup mountain biker of all time.

Klart til Cykelvasan? Jeg gleder meg stort!

Da er det snart duket for årets største terrengritt i Sverige, Cykelvasan. Team Merida GunnRita stiller til start for første gang. Vi gleder oss stort til å være med på denne sykkelfesten. Hva gjør jeg av forberedelser de siste dagene inn mot konkurranse?