ONE-FORTY 800 & eONE-SIXTY 900E shortlisted for award

Our new mid travel flagship – the ONE-FORTY 800 as well as our highly-decorated e-bike – the eONE-SIXTY 900E keep collecting great press feedback. Both bikes have been put on the very exclusive shortlist for the MTB and the eMTB of the year award by French mountain bike website

The nomination to this fiercely fought over award is already a great achievement for the two bikes, but if you like our latest creations and call yourself a fan of either the ONE-FORTY 800 or the eONE-SIXTY 900E then you can give them your own personal ‘pat on the back’ by handing them your vote here.

The site is in French only, but you will be surprised what Google translate can do if your French is a little rusty.

Thank you very much for your support in advance.